to feel confident, sexy & empowered in your body 

to revel in the pleasure you were designed to experience 

to unlock all the wisdom that lies within you 

to open up to the wild creativity that want to pour through you to have deeply fulfilling & loving relationships

to have exquisite & profound sex

to love yourself fiercely

to appreciate your own beauty

to live with passion & purpose

to come to know your own divinity





The last few years have just sucked the life out of you & you desire to feel alive, inspired, sexy and lit up again​.

You are tired of tying your worth to your appearance, endlessly comparing + never feeling enough... you want to feel radiant, sexy, confident in your skin.


You spend most of your time in your head- stressed & disconnected from your body. You want to feel more pleasure. To move through life connected to your sensuality. 

You are over the overthinking & the second-guessing. You want a strong connection to your intuition, so you can feel confident in who you are & your choices. 

You are fed up with the self-criticism, the perfectionism, of swinging between feeling too much & not enough, of the people-pleasing & of living inside all these ‘shoulds'. You want to break free & feel true love for yourself!


You struggle to make sense of your emotions, to voice what’s going on for you, express your feelings, needs, desire, fears clearly. You long to be able to communicate yourself with more ease. 

You find it hard to fully receive & give love, you want to be more connected to your heart & feel safe to love & be loved. 

​You feel disconnected from your sexuality. You experience numbness, uncomfortability, maybe even pain during sex. And you want to experience the pleasure you were designed for. 

You can’t get out of your head during sex - distracted, worried about insecurities, feeling the need to perform, stressed about orgasming. You desire fulfilling, pleasurable, freeing, connective sexual experiences. 


Your sexual experiences are a bit…. mehhh, you have difficulty orgasming or they just aren’t the earth-shattering ones you desire, you can’t shake the feeling that there must be more than this…


You are experiencing a lack of desire in the bedroom (& in life) maybe you are in a long term relationships & feeling more like roommates than lovers, it’s been all Netflix, no chill & you want to reignite that spark & live a more turned on life 

You grew up in a religious household & feel your are still carrying guilt/shame around your sexuality, and want to reclaim your pleasure & find an authentic expression of your sexuality. 


You are interested in exploring sacred sexuality, of weaving together your spirituality & sexuality


You are interested in womb healing - clearing past lovers, negative imprints, fear & pain; preparing the womb for pregnancy; deeply connecting to your creative powers; healing from termination; healing from baby loss



 You want to feel more in touch with your body, your emotions, your intuition, your pleasure, your sensual nature, your creativity, your deep wisdom, your purpose . 

 You want to learn about the power & divine design of your sacred female anatomy & live more connected to your cycle & inner seasons. 

 You want to explore sex as a gateway to profound self love, to nourishing + enlivening 

pleasure, to your true empowerment, your sacred divinity waiting to be remembering , your wild creativity waiting to be realized, the exquisite intimacy your heart desires

& the aliveness your soul craves. 

then let's get to it.

I am here to...

offer a loving, supportive, non-judgmental space for you to feel seen, heard + validated

serve as your own personal hype woman - to remind you of the sacred, powerful miracle you are,  to hold the vision of your highest, most vibrant self,  to offer permission for you to live the live you were created for

teach self-adoration practices - self-massage, sacred self-pleasure, movement, visualizations + inner journeys to cultivate actual self love within you. 

facilitate cathartic practices to move stuck energy + emotion and create space physically within you, because it’s hard to get where you want to go when the past is weighing you down, or to feel how you want to feel when you are full of stuck emotions 

guide you through visualizations  + inner journeys to connect with your inner landscape, with different archetypes, with your desires - your imaginations is one of the most powerful tools you have 


share meaningful knowledge about your anatomy + physiology that will blow your mind and is a crime that we aren’t taught


create rituals + ceremonies to honor and celebrate you in a way that is so profound and that you so deserve, so the woman you are destined to be feels safe and ready to emerge


offer the masculine container needed for you to drop more into your feminine essence + energy 

incorporate astrology into our work, if you desire 










Optional 60 min follow up

for $75




  $1260 upfront*


3 monthly payments of $424

next round of private packages will open up in November 2022




  $2250 upfront*


6 monthly payments of $375

next round of private packages will open up in November 2022

If you want to chat more & see if this is right for you, set up an inquiry call. We will talk about where you're at, what you're looking for support in & see if this feels aligned.

** if finances are of concern, please set up & inquiry call or reach out to me via email ( & we can discuss options. I have a few sliding scale spots available each quarter.


We are NOT meant to do BIG things alone. Instead of figuring things out on your own, falling back into doubt/old patterns, staying stuck in confusion, relying on questionable advice, or google searches - allow me to support you, help you unpack the stories, the fears, the blocks & make room for the the desires, the healing, the growth, the empowerment.

 I'll meet you where you are at & help you to get where you want to go. 





I feel more comfortable in body, more appreciative, enjoying my body more, making space for more pleasure in life.


I feel like a teenager, rediscovering my body & realizing my pleasure is for me.


I feel so seen, heard & validated


I am starting to see things in new ways, with a new perspective 


I feel a reconnection to my divinity & sacredness


I feel a reawakening of my sexual energy, spiraling through my body.


My creative block is unstuck, I feel alive with creative & sexual energy & inspiration.

I feel refreshed, calmer, more alert, less tension, aches & pain in my body. 


I feel more confident, empowered, connected to myself.


I feel more confident in feeling & facing my emotions, I don't feel

the need to avoid them anymore


I am slowing down & taking more time for me.

I feel sexy again for the first time in decades, I didn't think this was possible

I feel more attuned with own emotions & emotionally available for others 


I experienced the cathartic emotional release I needed & feel more connected to myself & my emotions 


I just received the wisdom, the insights, the answers

I needed


I feel so much more self-love, acceptance & compassion


I am setting more healthy boundaries, speaking my feelings & needs, demanding that people treat me better,


I didn't ignore the red flags this  time & remembered my worth


I am being more gentle with myself, checking in  more, listen to & honor my needs, taking better care of myself

I feel a fierce, yet gentle love for myself for the first time

The intimacy with my partner has transformed - it is so perfect, so flowing, so loving

I am infusing self-love in everything I do. It’s like I’m caring for myself with an emotional connection to myself, rather than self-care which has been about  ‘doing’ for me.

Sacred sexuality feels so natural & accessible now



Colleen is truly a sensual, Scorpio goddess in human form. I have always felt deeply seen, heard & known by her—a rare gift in this day and age. What makes Colleen stand out is her uncanny ability to guide me towards the emotional & spiritual “feeling” of my heart’s desire. Additionally, getting to practice vulnerability & authentic sharing with Colleen has given me the courage & resilience to show up for & take risks in dating relationships so I can communicate and co-create the intimate closeness I truly desire and am worthy of. 


Colleen is the “Big Sister” I’ve always wanted to talk to about my love life; she’s got my back and she has brought tremendous emotional relief to an area of my life that I have struggled in for YEARS. 

For many of us, we need (and crave) the safe space and emotional container to work out all our s**t in, and Colleen generously provides. That is a healing gift, in and of itself.


An investment in Colleen is worth more than its weight in gold—it will transform the inner landscape of how you attune to yourself, and, in turn, how you attune to others. Let yourself have the love your heart desires and connect with Colleen! 


if any of this intrigues or excites you - please send me an email (
of SET UP A CALL to simply connect more.
It would be my honor & privilege to support & witness you in this journey,
this homecoming if you will.