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Embrace the Sacred


for women who are on a spiritual journey...

Who are looking for MORE. 

Who are ready to discover how expansive & brilliant their relationships, sexuality, purpose & beings can be.



YOUR SACRED SELF Embodied Spirituality

Join me for my Weekly FREE Spiritual Breathwork EVERY Sunday for a taste of Spiritual Embodiment (join live or get the weekly replay) 


  • REWRITING YOUR SPIRITUAL STORY. Deconstruct old limiting beliefs around faith, religion, your divinity  - heal any fear, shame + rebuild on a foundation of love. 

  • YOUR BODY IS THE HOME OF YOUR SOUL. Your body is good, holy + sacred. She was made to represent the beauty + mystery of the Divine. Explore embodiment practices that allow your body to be the gateway to deeper intimacy with the Divine. Feel the gift of the Spirit alive & powerful within you​. Strengthen your intuition.

  • FOUNDATIONAL RELATIONSHIP. Explore how to let your relationship to the Divine be at the heart of your relationship with yourself - being the source of your worthiness, allowing for more self-acceptance, forgiveness, grace + love, empowering you to be more vulnerable + authentic. Enlist the unlimited Creator of the universe to help you with limiting mindsets, doubts + confusion.  ​


“You see, there’s a huge difference between the concept of taking a shower & the actual somatic experience of taking that shower. Even with a vivid imagination, you can cogitate on the concept of a shower for hours & not come out feeling refreshed. Two minutes in the real water, though & you feel completely different. This example is especially true in the area of spirituality, which people have been known to discuss for years without having an actual bodily experience of it.” 

GAY + KATHLYN HENDRICKS“Spirit-Centered Relationships"

To every woman in search of the Imago Dei (image of God) within herself, may you find Her. 

CHRISTY ANGELLE BAUMAN 'Theology of the Womb'


YOUR SACRED SEXUALITY A Pathway to the Divine


  • THE EDUCATION YOU SHOULD HAVE HAD.  An essential exploration of why + how women’s sexuality works. Knowledge that will leave you saying: 'How did I NOT know this?'

  • THE SPIRITUALITY OF YOUR ANATOMY. Find the Divine through your feminine body. Discover the sacredness of your cycle & how to harness that power. 

  • HEALING. Establish love, safety + belonging within your body to heal + transform negative cultural/religious/familial conditioning around your sexuality; disconnection; and emotional + physical trauma.

  • PLEASURE.  Reclaim your sexuality,  discover what turns you on + learn to access your sexual power apart from a partner. Explore seducing yourself, delighting in your body, own + expand your orgasms. Learn how to use the holistic tools of breath, sound + movement to awaken more pleasure, aliveness, power + joy in your sexual experiences. 

  • PATHWAY TO THE DIVINE. Establish a sexual ethic that is in alignment with your values. Discover how your sexual experiences (with self + others) can be a deeply spiritual practice, connecting you to your creative energy + allowing you to touch the Divine. Your sexuality + your spirituality can intertwine in a beautiful + sacred  way.


Without a spiritual foundation, relationships cannot grow to their full expression & without relationships, there is no place to see the practical results of your spiritual development.”

GAY + KATHLYN HENDRICKS, “Spirit-Centered Relationships"



YOUR SACRED UNION A Divine Partnership 


  • BUILDING A SACRED SPACE. Trust -building + creating a container of safety that allows you to put your guards down, heal, grow into your fullest selves + maximize the potential of partnership

  • REFRAMING CONFLICT. Learn how fight smart + use inevitable conflict as a way to deepen your connection. 

  • COURAGEOUS CONVERSATIONS. How to relate intimately from the heart. Speak vulnerably, dissolve confusions + chaos with transparency. Listen with a loving presence​.

  • HEALING. Relationships are where we can do our deepest healing + liberation. Learn how to be each others' best teachers + healers. Move through pain, fears, trauma with love, acceptance + grace. 

  • ATMOSPHERE OF APPRECIATION. How to not take each other for granted + grow distant but to be generous with your appreciation, admiration + support so you both feel seen, uplifted, empowered + get to enjoy the big + little things of life together 

  • CO-CREATE. Use all the extra energy that isn't getting drained in fights, power struggles, resentments to CO-CREATE - a family, a business, dreams, visions, a community. You get to use the energy of your love to co-create with each other & the Divine to make your visions a reality + offer your gifts to this world. 


YOUR SACRED PURPOSE  The Divine Ripple Effect

  • IMAGO DEI. What's your unique expression of Divine? How are you being called to represent your Creator in this life? If you are feeling called to offer your gifts, be of service in a larger way - but aren't sure exactly how yet - let's uncover that calling. Let's step out of fear, smallness, doubt + the ego and into some so much grander + magnificent. Let's do what you were created to do. 

  • INTENT + SURRENDER. Finding the balance between action/putting yourself out there + trusting the Divine, listening for Higher guidance, surrendering to a greater plan for you.

  • IN PURPOSE, ON PURPOSE. Knowing that whatever you do, you can do it with intentionally. You can breathe Spirit into it.  You can glorify your Creator. Live in a way that you restore the sacredness of life. 

  • THE RIPPLE EFFECT. It ALL matters. How you live, show up, interact, love, work  - the ripple effect of your being is greater than you can ever imagine.  How are you changing your corner of the world for the good? 


'Working with Colleen has been an amazing experience! I didn’t realize how much fear I was holding onto & how it was holding me back. She loving guided me to unpack that & lead me through powerful breathwork sessions to feel & release the fear in a safe container. She helped me replace the fear with trust in myself & faith in the Divine. I now know I can accomplish my soul’s purpose. I am so grateful for her loving, supportive & powerful presence in my life'  




We are NOT meant to do BIG things alone - spirituality, sexuality, relationships - these are BIG things. Instead of figuring things out on your own, falling back into doubt, staying stuck in confusion, relying on questionable advice, or google searches - allow me to support you, help you unpack the stories, the fears, the blocks & make room for the the desires, the healing, the growth, the empowerment, the SACREDNESS.

 I'll meet you where you are at & help you to get where you want to go. 

If you want to discuss the possibility of working together - Book a FREE Introductory Call**

There are 3 package options depending on the level of support you are looking for. 

4 sessions @ $400 total for support in 1 area 

8 sessions @ $680 totalfor a deeper dive into 1 or more areas

12 sessions @ $900 total - for a longer mentorship in 1 or more areas

** this is a no-obligation call - we will talk about where you're at, what you're looking for support in, and we'll see if this is a good fit. 



If you want to explore your spirituality more, deepen your spiritual practices,  have a more embodied spirituality... are desiring more out of your sexual experiences, want to feel more connected to your body + your sexuality, are curious to discover the sacredness of sexuality... if you are desiring a deeper, more conscious relationship, looking for relationship healing.... or desiring to uncover your sacred purpose + live in alignment with it....then you certainly are in the right place.


If you are feeling drawn to me or this work, there is probably a good reason for that. 


You can schedule a free curiosity call where you can ask questions, learn more about me + this work and together we can feel into if this feels like a yes for you. 


This work does take a level of commitment - commitment to yourself, to the sessions, to the practices, to making this investment in your healing + growth. If you don’t feel ready, that’s okay. 


If it’s not right for you, or not the right - that’s alright and  I will try to point you to some other resources that can  support you on your journey. 


Your fear, resistance, hesitancy + nerves are more than welcome here! Trust me, I’ve been there. There is often a level of resistance or fear when we are about to say yes to a journey of healing or transformation. 


We get to witness and hold the resistance with acceptance + love,  and we will always move at a pace that feels good for you. 


I am well aware of how sensitive + vulnerable talking about sex, spirituality + relationships can be. It’s perfectly normal to feel a little hesitant or shy. Culture has taught us to keep a lot of this to ourselves, which has created so much shame, disconnect + confusion. But we get to break free from that, embrace our whole selves + allow ourselves to be seen + supported on our journey and  that is a tremendously beautiful gift to give yourself. 


If you are still unsure - set up a free chat with me - and you can see if you feel comfortable + want to go deeper. 


Every client is a new + unique experience, which I adore! This is a co-creative journey - where I meet you where you are at and share wisdom, tools + guide you through practices to support your needs + desires. Most importantly, you won't have to figure things out on your own anymore, you will have a regular space of support. You will get to talk things out, process + get to access your own wisdom. We will lovingly look at limiting beliefs/mindsets, blocks, wounds that want attention +  healing. We will also explore desires + how to cultivate what you want more of in your spirituality, relationships, sexuality. I'll support you in getting out of your mind + into your body so that you can heal on a deeper level + access the deep wisdom that you have within you. 

On a practical level - online sessions are done via zoom. They are 90 minutes. You get follow up notes + guided audio practices to support your journey. You have access to me via email in-between sessions. 

If you live or are passing through Bali, in-person sessions are available. 

Colleen holds a very special & solid space of safety & security in which one can really drop in deep, explore the unexplored within, reach the farthest & most tender parts & hold them in love & acceptance.


Her presence & care are sincere & palpable. Her nurturing, feminine essence flows through the fabric of the session as she gently guides the way.


I just really want to thank you for the changes you made in my life.

For me, being my biggest cheerleader is something that is now integrated in my mindset which I love & has made a big difference.  

Also, loving myself & my body unconditionally is something I'm taking with me.


Colleen is such an amazing & powerful coach.


I worked with her on some really sensitive topics that I don't feel comfortable sharing with people & she made it so safe & I felt so accepted & really deeply heard.

And on top of that she is incredibly effective. The shifts I was able to make through her guidance are still are with me & my life is much better.


I really highly recommend anyone who is looking to deepen

their relationship to themselves & really learn how to have compassion for themselves.


I started working with Colleen after I plead to the universe for help in dealing with a very toxic relationship, as it seemed that I was not able to handle things on my own.

The very day after this prayer I learned of her & her services.


In our first session I had an enormous breakthrough & then experienced one after the other in our sessions to come. 


Colleen guided me through a really transformative session.


I’ve never felt that connected to myself in my entire life.


The breath revealed a lot of what was going on under the surface, the more I breathed, the more I saw my thoughts & attitude towards thing change.


I am so grateful for this powerful experience. I never thought I could feel so connected to myself. 


My breathwork session with Colleen showed me so much about why I relate to people the way I do, why I show up in relationships the way I do.


I gained so much clarity around my patterns & understood myself on a much deeper level than I ever have before. 

And I left with practical tools to take with me.