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Welcome, here's a little about me...

 CHAPTER 1 Spiritual Journey


  • Grew up catholic + never quite resonated with the institution but  always had a deep deep love + devotion to God, Christ, Mother Mary, the angels & saints. From a small age, I loved to commune with the spiritual realm. I adored feeling as though I had this Divine team looking out for me, loving me, supporting me, guiding me + dropping little miracles into my day. 

  • Had my trials + stumblings with faith -  feeling overlooked + abandoned at times when things didn’t go my way. I’ve wandered down paths + made decisions that didn’t align with my soul. I’ve had years of letting fear run the show + misleading me. I’ve explored more ‘new age’ (even though most of this stuff is centuries old) spirituality with the approach of take what resonates, leave what doesn’t.

  • I’ve continuously come back to this Divine Team that has been there time + time again to welcome me home, giving me a place to rest, to receive guidance, wisdom, support + to realign.  I am endlessly humbled + amazed at the Divine love, grace, care + peace I feel from my spiritual team. I revel in + adore the never-ending journey of my faith & spirituality. As with all relationships, I know it will continue to grow & evolve over my lifetime + I’m here for the ride! 

  • My spiritual path is unique, my path is my own + I don't aim to pull people onto my path. My intention is to support them on their own. We are all unique images of God + I get to learn more about our Creator by witnessing, listening to + supporting other people’s journeys with faith.

  • At this moment in time, I don’t identify with any church or particular religion. For me, it’s about nourishing my own connection inwards & upwards. I still commune, worship + devote myself to Christ + living what I believe is a Christ-like life - one rooted in love, kindness, mercy, grace, integrity, humility +  service. The golden rule remains golden for me: Love your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind + with all your strength and love your neighbor as yourself.  My path is one that is rooted in LOVE + devotion. 

  • I don’t carry religious trauma from my upbringing. From a young age, I developed a faith & relationship with God outside of the Church that was rooted in love, safety + a sense of deep belonging. I am very painfully aware that is not everyone’s case. I know there is a lot of religious trauma - mental, emotional, spiritual, physical. I detest the pain,  fear + shame that runs ramped in some churches & religions. I hold space for all the varied experiences + aim to help people heal any pain, shame + fear and rebuild on a foundation of love, safety + belonging. 

  • I use God, the Divine, Creator, Source interchangeably. I use Spirit to talk about the Holy Spirit that lives within us all, the Spirit of our Creator that was given to us as a gift, as a spiritual companion, as a guide, as a way to intuit things in this life. 



  • I believe our Creator is GOOD + FOR us (even when we don’t understand the mysterious ways)I believe our Creator is unconditionally loving + forever merciful

  • I believe Divine Grace is one of the most exquisite gifts of our Creator. It's the Divine's promise to turn our greatest mistakes, stumbling, short comings into miracles, to serve our highest good - when we offer them up.  

  • I believe we were crafted with care +  love in the image of our Creator. I believe we deeply belong + profoundly matter. 

  • I believe in Christ as my Savior, as my human bridge to the Divine. I believe Christ is God coming down to us in human form to reveal the goodness, the mercy, the grace, the kindness, the incredible love of our Divine Creator. I believe Christ shows us how to interact with the Divine, with ourselves + with each other. 

  • I believe there is beautiful Divine feminine wisdom & role models in the Christian lineage that have been squashed, reduced, silenced - Mary Magdalene & Mother Mary are exquisite example, but there are more. And I looked to them for wisdom.

  • I believe we are more loved + more supported than we could ever fathom. I believe we are given other heavenly support - angels, ancestral love + saints that have gone before us + are now on the other side to help. 

  • I believe our bodies are good, holy + sacred temples that allow our souls this human experience. I believe they are pathways back to the Divine. 

  • I believe our hearts are crafted with a deep desire to commune with the Divine & when we don’t seek this union +  spend time tending to this desire - we are left chasing things that ultimately don’t satisfy + are left unfulfilled. 

  • I believe the acts of worship + devotion  are gifts, that are meant to dissolve separation, bring us to bliss +  reconnect us with our sacred nature. 

  • While I believe all of this is a deeply profound, sacred + divine exploration - I value + prioritize humor, laughter, joy, play +  being silly. Our life is sacred - it is meant to be honored but it’s also a gift that is meant to be enjoyed fully. ​


1. How would I describe my spiritual journey so far?

2. Is there any fear, pain, shame lingering in my foundation that I'd like to remove?

3. What are some of my spiritual beliefs? 

4. What practices support me in feeling connected to my spirituality? 

CHAPTER 2 Sexual Journey 

  • From a young age, I knew deep in my heart of the sacredness of sexuality. But culture showed me anything BUT that. Eventually, I believed the cultural narrative over my soul + my sexuality became not that big of a deal + devoid of the sacredness I longed for.

  • I never felt that connected to my sexuality. I felt like something was missing. Maybe it was just me? But I felt it should be grander, better, just MORE than what it was.... But I didn't dare admit that out loud to anyone.

  • In my mid-twenties, I went on a 2 week Sacred Feminine Immersion and from there I started to study + train in sacred sexuality. It was like finally everything that I buried deep down in me + denied myself of was being revealed to me. It was a tremendous homecoming to myself, my body, my sexuality + the sacredness of it all!

  • I went on a deep healing journey, healing trauma I didn't even know I had. I realized how disconnected I was, how much shame, fear + confusion was piled up in my body around my sexuality. 

  • I awakened + unleashed this incredibly powerful energy within me.

  • I realized that my sexuality + spirituality did not have to be separate. That my sexuality could actually be a gateway to the Divine.

  • I created a sexual ethic for me that didn't feel repressive or dismissive of the sacredness. I found a way to relate to my sexuality that deeply honored myself, others + the Divine. 

  • My sexual healing, exploration + empowerment started with myself + from there I met my man and was able to finally find all the MORE I was looking. 

  • It is a continuous journey, an area of my life that needs my love,  care + tending to. I am constantly evolving in their area + I love that! 



  • I believe our sexuality is a beautiful + sacred part of us.

  • I believe it is our powerful, creative energy that allows us to co-create with others, the Divine + birth all sorts of creations into this world. 

  • I believe in living a sexually ethical life - respecting our bodies, respecting the bodies of others, not reducing each other to sexual objects - but honoring each other as divine creations.

  • I believe sexuality can be a pathway to God, to find Divinity in our bodies + in another's, a way to dissolve separation, a way to explore an intimacy that melts other-ness, + allows us to experience the Divine bliss of unity + oneness.

  • I believe it’s a precious gift, one to be respected + enjoyed fully. 


1. What's been my sexual journey?

2. Is there something I am desiring more of in my sex life?

3. What does sex provide for me? 

4. What's my sexual ethic - how do I honor sexuality (mine + others)? 

CHAPTER 3  Relationship Journey 

  • Grew up a hopeless romantic wrapped in sarcasm so no one would ever detect the humiliating truth -that I so naively believed in great love + so desperately longed for my own breath-taking, sweep you off your feet, corny rom-com kind of love. 

  • Ingested a heavy diet of teen drama tv shows (hello Dawson's Creek, One Tree Hill, The OC) + rom-coms

  • Was obsessed with finding 'the one' - every guy who I had a crush on, kissed, went on a date with had the potential to be him. I laid heavy expectations on them + fantasied endlessly about 'potential', ignoring reality. 

  • Wanted to desperately to be seen, to be witnessed, to be loved BUT  was too scared to ever show anyone the real me which left me feeling unloved + disconnected

  • Thought all guys wanted a chill girl so I played the part, pretty well, until all the unsaid words + resentments would come erupting all at once...oops!

  • Had a hard time facing, feeling + expressing my emotions - which naturally led to a lot of relationship problems + drama

  • Also had a hard time speaking up for myself - voicing my needs, fears, hurts - also NOT great. 

  • Chased + pined after emotionally unavailable guys, trying to prove my worth. Stayed in relationships too long, because I was scared to end it. Broke hearts of really great guys that I regret. I wasn't the best at love, but I knew I had a lot of it to give.

  • The part of me that believed that my worthiness was based on having a guy in my life (thanks crappy societal conditioning) wondered: 'WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?'

  • After a particularly rough break up + somewhat quarter-life crisis, I decided I didn't need a man. It's the 21st century. I am an independent, self-sufficient lady so I bought a one-way ticket to Bangkok + began backpacking through Southeast Asia. This time, I was fixated on a different relationship - the one with myself.

  • Had my own self-discovery, ˜Eat, Pray, Love', feminine awakening, healing journey. I started studying relationships + trained in relationship coaching + devoured books, podcasts, talks on conscious relationships - how to actually navigate these messy, complex dynamics...

  • Turns out - I didn't need a man. I am pretty awesome. Also turns out - I still wanted one!BUT from a completely different place. A place of: 

    • FULLness (not thinking something was wrong if I didn't have a guy or waiting to feel complete through a relationship)

    • Worthiness (not waiting for someone to confirm my worth)

    • Confidence (not letting the guy call all the shots)

    • Clarity (I finally knew + was ready to stand by what I wanted)

    • Authenticity (the real me was sooooo much better than the curated version I was trying to pass off)


    • Chasing after guys that couldn't see that

    • Saying 'yes' when really it was an 'ehhhhhh'

    • Hiding my true self or feelings

    • Playing it cool, always being chill + agreeable.

    • Bending over backwards until I didn't recognize myself 

  • From this place - I found myself a man who I adore, he isn't perfect, but hey, neither am I! We've had to work through a lottttt. We don't always see eye to eye. We know how to push each others buttons....

  • BUT we also: 

    • Have created an atmosphere of non-judgement,  acceptance + trust

    • Push ourselves to communicate courageously, authentically + vulnerably - even when it's uncomfortable, even when it might hurt, even when it seems insignificant 

    • Work through the inevitable conflicts as a team with perspective, kindness + usually humor

    • Celebrate, appreciate + uplift each other daily

    • Support each other's individual growth, passions + work and grow together, share passions + combine our work at times 



  • I believe relationships are at the heart of why we are created - to commune & connect with each other.

  • I believe we are created out of love & for love. We are ALL worthy of love. 

  • I believe our love is the most powerful gift we have to give, don't undersell it. 

  • I believe we need each other, we are NOT meant to do big things alone. This life is meant to be shared. We are designed to support each other. 

  • I believe that no matter your past - you are capable of a thriving, healthy + fulfilling love life. 

  • I believe we are both wildly strong + incredibly fragile and we need to be kind + gentle with each other.

  • I believe our closest relationships can be safe havens for us to be our truest selves, to practice the art + sacred act of love, devotion + true care.

  • I believe relationships take work + commitment and it's incredibly WORTH IT.

  • I believe love is choice. Love is a verb. Love is something you tend to + nurture. 

  • I believe our partners can be our greatest teachers + healers

  • I believe we can come to experience the Divine’s love through our own heart + through the heart of another. 

Screen Shot 2020-09-03 at 5.48.31 PM.png


1. What do I believe is the purpose of relationships?

2. How satisfied am I currently with my relationship status?

3. What (if anything) do I want more of from my relationship?

4. What (if anything) do I want less of in my relationship? 

CHAPTER 4  Purpose Journey 

  • Grew up in a household where giving back, helping others, being of service was a BIG thing. Knew I wanted to help people,  do something meaningful with my life.

  • Fast forward through college - changed my major a million times (slight exaggeration) - landed on Organizational + Community Leadership (never heard of that as a major? yeah, most people hadn't) 

  • A year after graduation, I worked for a wellness start-up + completed a Holistic Health Coaching certification - with the desire to empower people to live healthier + more balanced lives. 

  • Few years later - became fascinated with this Divine Feminine Awakening I was hearing about + women's empowerment. During my time backpacking - I serendipitously came across a woman Sofia Sundari + started to train under her in Divine Feminine/Sacred Sexuality/Conscious Relationship Studies + became a part of her Priestess School. My heart was blown wide open by the power of women, our divinity, our sexuality and maybe most importantly SISTERHOOD. ​​

  • I became fascinated with different healing modalities + embodiment practices. I immersed myself in classes, workshops, ceremonies + rituals that explored sound healing, movement therapy, dance classes,  energy healing, all sorts of meditation and eventually completed my 200 HR Yoga Training + did an 8 month Breathwork Facilitator training. 

  • I felt called to continue my studies in sexuality + relationships and embarked on an intensive 1 year training in Sexuality, Love + Relationship Coaching through Layla Martin the founder of  The Tantric Institute of Integrative Sexuality

  • My trainings have all included trauma education which I have found particularly important because of how much collective trauma we are all carrying - I also did a course  Creating Safer Spaces: Trauma Awareness Course for Practitioners through the incredible Shelby Leigh. I am not a trauma specialist - but I am trauma informed + continue my education in this area, because I think it is crucial for creating a safe + caring container for healing + transformation with my clients. 

  • I am a forever student in this life, always learning + continuously weaving together all the beautiful modalities, trainings + wisdom I acquire - there is also a deeply intuitive aspect to my work that comes straight from Spirit. 

  • After struggling to narrow down + 'fine a niche' in all my business coaching courses, because I just want to help all the people all the time... I come to see that my sacred work is in the intersections of spirituality, sexuality + relationships. 

  • But my sacred work extends beyond what I do for a living. My sacred work is how I care for love ones. It's in how I treat all the people that cross my paths. It's in how I love my partner. It's in how I hold space for my friends  when they are going through something. It's in how I give my time + resources to causes that mean something to me. It's in how I look people in the eyes when I am interacting with them. It's in my prayer + devotion life. It's everything I do. 



  • I believe we are all created with purpose. 

  • I believe we are called to do meaningful work - sometimes that's also what pays the bills,  sometimes it's not 

  • I believe everything we do can be sacred work - how we love + show up in our relationships, how we raise a family, how we support our friends,  how we enjoy + savor life, how we serve our communities, how we interact with the barista, the cashier, that stranger in line...

  • I believe IT ALL MATTERS. How we move through this life matters, deeply. It's all a ripple effect.

  • I believe we are in a time of awakening. I believe we are all being called to wake up, step up + live our lives of divinepurpose.


1. Am I living out my purpose? 

2. What is meaningful work for me?

3. What does it mean for me to live on purpose + in purpose?

4. Reflect on your ripple effect. 

CHAPTER 5  Our Journey


  • If you got to this point, congrats + I assume you must resonate or be intrigued by my story in some way...

  • If you want to get to now me more, if you want to discuss working together, if you have an idea for co-creation, if you want support on your journey - spiritual, sexual, relational  - all thee above - please reach out... Set up a FREE call below. Let's connect. I'd love to hear where you are at on your journey. 

The rest is still unwritten ...