a FREE monthly offering 

woman's embodiment experiences

a space for us to gather live (or catch the recording) 

to move out of the chaos of our minds & into our bodies,

to enjoy our sensual essence & let pleasure nourish us,

to learn & explore different tools & practices (breathwork, movement, meditations, etc) to awaken, heal & empower our sexuality.

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the Sensual Sanctuary

This is the first week's replay. 

THEME: Sexual Awakening to activate + play with your sexual energy.

Learn 3 tools to enhance & move your sexual energy.

Please feel free to share your experiences with these workshops, reflections, 'a-ha's', questions with me - either email me colleen@colleengracekelly.com or DM me on instagram @collkell

I would love to hear from you!

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Or check our my group program 'in Her image' a 9 week CELEBRATION + RECLAMATION of the female body