• Colleen Kelly


Updated: Jul 16, 2020

These commitments are based off of the book⁣

📚Conscious Loving📚⁣ by Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks

Which my partner & I read early on in our relationship ⁣

& agreeing on these commitments gave us an amazing clarity.⁣

✨ It kept us from falling into the trap of unspoken expectations⁣

✨ It gave us a guideline for how we wanted to interact ⁣

The language to use⁣

A roadmap to keep returning to in order to make sure we were still on the right path.

It's been wildly helpful & impactful. ⁣

I encourage couples to creating some kind of commitments for your relationship.

Whether you are a month in or 10 years in - ⁣

What are you committed to, what do you value?

✨Honest & open communication?⁣

✨Having fun & adventuring together?⁣

✨Supporting each other & your dreams?⁣

✨Being a team?⁣

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