• Colleen Kelly


Welcome to the 🔻DRAMA TRIANGLE🔻 ⁣(By Stephen Karpman)

This is one of my favorite relationship tools ⁣


Because unnecessary drama in relationships is a MAJOR waste of time & energy.

& I am all about BREAKING FREE from draining, toxic conditioning & patterns ⁣

& feeling more EMPOWERED in your life & relationships⁣.


This tool is an ABSOLUTE game-changer❗️⁣

There is no going back after knowing this information....


It can also be a total slap in the face 🤦🏼‍♀️⁣

Get ready to be dragged my friends, ⁣

But try not to shame spiral too much 🌀⁣

We’ve literally ALL found ourselves in this 🔻triangle🔻 from time to time.⁣

So here's a break down of the roles:

So basically, if you find yourself in any of these roles,

You are caught in the 💩SHITSTORM🌪 of the 🔻Drama Triangle🔻⁣

And once you are in it - it is a slippery slope my friends...

Check out this video where I share from personal experience just how slippery this slope is...😬⁣

Okay so what can one do when they find themselves lost in the Bermuda Triangle of Drama?

Great question!


(Already sounds better right?)

🔺 VICTIM uplevels to the CREATOR (you are in charge of you own reality)💫

🔺 PERSECUTOR glows up into the CHALLENGER (be firm but fair)⚡️

🔺 RESCUER gets a much needed makeover into the COACH (you care but you also empower not enable others)🌟

Need a handy little cheatsheet to catch & BREAK FREE from the DRAMAAAA

Here ya go!

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