• Colleen Kelly


Let me ask you a question:

Would you rather crawl & scrap your way out of a 20 foot deep hole

OR step out of a 1 foot hole❓⁣

If you are in a relationship that you value & want to see last - ⁣

Don’t let it become a 20 foot hole .

Take care & maintain that love. ⁣

I am watching more & more younger couples, even ones that are just dating, maybe only a year or two in, Showing for couple's coaching, courses, workshops, retreats.

They value their relationships & want to see them start off on a good foot, learn the tools to communicate better, handle the inevitable conflict & connect on a deeper level.

I've also spoken with & worked couples who are much further along in their journey

Or have ended their relationship share they wish they knew some this information earlier on,

Or they wished they would have seen someone sooner, before it got so bad.

As Esther Perel, relationship expert, shares: "the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our life."

Our relationships are worth the time & investment.

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