• Colleen Kelly


Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Even the best of us, with the best intentions ⁣

Can fall into disempowering patterns -

⁣Usually they are unintentional, start small, build overtime

& if we aren’t careful turn into disempowering relationships.⁣

Relationships bring it all out — the good & the bad ⁣

With that come some of our not-so-finer moments 😬⁣

& The not-so-pretty sides of ourselves🙈⁣

Unfortunately, many of us have grown up without an abundance (if any) thriving relationship role models

Along with receiving a plethora of confusing, unrealistic & ultimately disempowering messages from TV & movies (think Disney movies, rom-coms, teen dramas, 'reality' tv shows)

This combination leads many of us struggling when it comes to relationships,

Unintentionally, creating disempowering relationships.

We are wired for connection, we crave love,

& we deserve relationships that feel deeply fulfilling, supportive, inspiring, joyful

& ultimately empowering

It starts with AWARENESS.

  • Let's start with the positive - take a look at the Empowering list - where do you and your partner display these behaviors? Celebrate yourself & go appreciate your partner for their empowering contributions.

  • Now let's take a look at the Disempowering list - be honest with yourself (I know admitting our flaws is rough - but remember WE ALL HAVE THEM) - where do you or your partner exhibit these behaviors?

Okay now comes the COMMITMENT.

  • For the Disempowering patterns you identify with - look at the Empowering antidote - How can you switch it up & commit yourself to showing up differently?


  • Once you are aware of your & your partner's disempowering patterns & you know how you would rather be showing up - it's a matter of catching yourself in it & switching it up - over & over again.

This is a simplified approach & there are many many more tools and information I will continue to share with you how to create the love lives they desire & absolutely deserve.


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