• Colleen Kelly


Self-Trust is a BIGGY.

I see so many people struggle with this one.

Trusting yourself is counterculture to the world we live in.

Many of us have been conditioned to look outside of ourselves for answers, how to behave, the truth,

Making it hard to even know how to trust ourselves.

A great place to start is to reference, Brene Brown’s Anatomy of Trust acronym B.R.A.V.I.N.G.

& apply those areas to the relationship with yourself.

BOUNDARIES. Do you set healthy boundaries for yourself? Speak your needs? Share your truth?

RELIABILITY. Do you follow through on what you say or do you flake or take on too much making you unreliable?

ACCOUNTABILITY. Do you own your mistakes, make amends, then forgive yourself & move on?

VAULT. Do you act with authenticity or put on masks? OR Do you overshare & let just anyone in & not respect that not everyone has earned your vulnerability & story?


1. Choose courage over comfort

2. Choose right over fast, easy, fun

3. Practice not just profess your values

NON-JUDGEMENT. Do you judge yourself, your thoughts, your actions or practice self-acceptance?

GENEROSITY. Are you generous with your assumptions towards yourself or are you quick to be unnecessarily hard on yourself?

Start by celebrating any area that you feel you're showing up in (even if it's in a small way)

And then pick one area you want to focus on & go from there, slowly building the self-trust.

This isn't an overnight thing.

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