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Stuck ruminating & obsessing over your ex: why you broke up, how you could win them back, wondering what they are doing, are they thinking of youfantasizing about them crawling back; maybe even some light or not so light social media stalking (hey, I've been there)?

Kept up at night with the nagging thoughts like: You are flawed. You don't matter. You'll never be enough. You’ll never find a love like that again. You are completely hopeless when it comes to love & relationships.


Sick of backsliding, reaching out in those moments of loneliness & missing them

Can't remember who you were or what life felt like before your ex?  Forgotten how to be single, maybe you've never really been single? 

Stuck in so much confusion, anger, sadness, worry, anxiety, depression, and fear around the whole thing? 

Feeling like a failure, the blah feelings of shame, guilt and embarrassment weighing you down?

Some days you think you're making progress, but then BAM!! You're hit by a memory, a text, a post, a photo, a song that sends you right back into the loop of obsessing & the roller coaster of emotions... 


You are so sick of feeling this way & want off this roller coaster ride - but you don't know how to

let go, get closure, heal & move forward. 


You are sick of the advice like:  it just takes times, keep yourself busy, take it one day at a time (probably because none of that is the key to getting over an ex & moving on) 


You've burned out your friends (they either hate your ex & won't listen to it anymore or are basically telling you at this point to " just get over it")


The distractions of work, picking up  new random hobbies,  Netflix & your vice of choice, or rebounding isn’t cutting it anymore… 

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To get out of this breakup hell… 

To be over your ex.

To cut ties for good, get closure & move TF on already. 

To feel good again, enjoy the things you used to, to laugh for real (you are sick of faking it)

To be able to forgive & let go
To learn whatever lessons this person was here to teach you because you are NOT interested in attracting their doppelgängers to learn it all over again! NO THANK YOU!

To really heal so you can be free & not carry this baggage into the next relationship

To feel like you again, feel confident & believe that you are going to find someone even better & have a life better than the one you had with your ex. 

This is a crossroads moment....


Breaks ups have the power to shatter your world, affirm all of the negative beliefs about yourself and love, and leave you feel lost, alone & maybe a bit unhinged. 


They can be an incredible opportunity to rediscover & redefine yourself, to learn how to get your own back & know that you can face hard things, to reevaluate what you want in relationships, love & life and to create a life that is even better than the one you had.  

YOU get to decide which path to walk down.


You can use this time to continue to attracting unemotionally available people, people that aren’t really what you want,  people you are waiting on to change, that don't treat you the way you deserve & don't meet your real desires, or give up on love & relationship all together...



You can spend this time working on yourself, healing old patterns, getting clear on what you want & confident it is out there, so that when it appears you are able to recognize it!

Someone else might have broken your heart, but  the only person that now stands in your way to happiness & creating the love life that you desperately desire is YOU, not your ex.


  • You are over them.

  • You wake up excited, with gratitude & your ex is no longer the first thing on your mind  

  • You aren’t obsessing about them throughout the day. You don't feel the need to check in on their social media - what are they up to.  You have no desire to reach out.

  • If they do pop into your mind, it doesn't ruin your day, kick up the past or anxiety about the future. Maybe you can even smile to yourself & be grateful for that relationship. 

  • You aren’t holding onto to anger & resentment. You have made peace with it. You feel free & light. 

  • You are living a life you genuinely love, not faking it & just waiting to feel better.

  • You feel inspired & excited about the possibilities that lie ahead 

  • You really see how this break up was exactly what was meant to happen for you. 

  • You are in the thriving relationship that you desire & deeply deserve & it's even better than you could have imagined. 


This is all possible for you! There is a future you already there! 


So how do we get from where you are now  to there? 



The Deets


Choose Your Level of Support

Sessions= 75 minutes via zoom 

  • 4 sessions for $497 upfront (or 2 payments of $286)

  • 8 session for $897 upfront (or 3 payments of $344)

  • 12 sessions for $1197 upfront (or 4 payments of $344)

Choose How Often You Would Like Support

  • Every Week 

  • Every Other Week ​

What's Included:

  • 75 minute sessions

  • Post session notes  (clients find these incredibly helpful)

  • In between session support via email 

  • Personalized meditation & breathwork recordings to further your healing & transformation


You can get a chance to get some things off your chest, a fresh perspective & receive support in whatever phase of healing & moving forward you are in.


I am here to support you in your healing & moving forward. 

In sessions, we will explore:​​​

  •  How to feel, process, learn from & move through all your emotions in a healthy way. 

  • How to take care of yourself & your system with self-soothing & self-regulating techniques 

  • How to find mental relief from rumination & heavy & obsessive thoughts. 

  • Identifying & rewriting any destructive beliefs about yourself & love that you have (ex. I'm not enough; I'm flawed; I'm unworthy; I'm unlovable; People always leave)

  • Understand why you broke up 

  • How to reframe your breakup from a failure to a learning experience

  • How to create closure &  finally let go

  • How to turn your baggage into your legacy 

  • Forgiveness (for self & others) 

  • Rediscovering yourself - figuring out who you are without your ex

  • Setting new standards for how you want to be treated in a relationship. Identify your negative patterns in love, stop attracting the wrong partners who will continue to hurt you, and get crystal clear on exactly what values, traits, and qualities you want in a relationship 

  • Rebuilding your feelings of self-worth, self-confidence & self-trust


  • Getting excited about the possibilities that lie ahead 

  • Healing the shock to the heart that this break up was, so you can open yourself up again to love when you are ready. 

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I cover:

  • What is keeping you stuck & how to move through it

  • How to get closure

  • How to get excited about life & love again!


So you can heal, move on & GET THE LOVE YOU Desire.


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