Relationship Coaching

* can be done as a individual wanting to work on their love life or as a couple

  • Old pains, betrayals, grievances lingering over you? 

  • Not on the same page about some major issues & want to sort it out?

  • Craving more depth, deeper conversations, a deeper connection? 

  • Having a hard time seeing eye-to-eye & understanding each other?

  • Wish you knew how to communicate better- ask for needs, express hurt or disappointment, bring up bigger issues, speak more openly & honestly?

  • Can't seem to have certain conversations without them turning into a big blow out?

  • Spiraling in similar fights, wondering how you got here again & when this is going to be a non-issue? 

  • Does the past get drudged up & hurled at each other?

  • Differences in sex drive causing issues?

  • Sex drive in neutral, spark fizzled & feeling more like roommates than in love?

I see relationships as the heart & soul of our existence. They are what it is all about. But man, they can be confusing AF at times. 

Building a life with someone isn't always easy.  Two people bringing their own set of baggage, fears, needs & idiosyncrasies to the table - things are bound to get messy. 


You aren't given a roadmap to figuring this out and a few wrong turns can easily add up. 

Having a neutral & regular space to talk through things, bring up issues, speak your needs & get an outside perspective is a GAME-CHANGER. 


looking for guidance.

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the quality of your relationships determine the quality of your life.

The Deets

Choose Your Level of Support*

Sessions= 75 minutes via zoom 

  • 4 sessions for $497 upfront (or 2 payments of $286)

  • 8 session for $897 upfront (or 3 payments of $344)

  • 12 sessions for $1197 upfront (or 4 payments of $344)

Choose How Often You Would Like Support**

  • Every Week 

  • Every Other Week 

  • Every Month

What's Included:

  • 75 minute sessions

  • Post session notes  (clients find these incredibly helpful)

  • In between session support via email

  • Personalized meditation & breathwork recordings

**Recommended to start with every week or every other & transition into monthly check -ins

My relationship coaching is unique to each person/couple but these are some areas that tend to pop up time& time again: 

  • CLARITY. Gain more clarity around what you want & what is actually happening - with you, with your partner & in your relationship (an outside perspective is invaluable)

  • CONNECTION. Repair, strengthen & deepen your connection and build the trust needed to take you further - the shallow end of love is sooooo boring & no place to stay stuck in. 

  • COMMUNICATION. Learn how to actually communicate openly & effectively (a skill far too few of us have) 

  • CONFLICT REPAIR. Shit happens - it's all about how you deal with it. Knowing a thing or two about deescalating & handling the inevitable conflict will save you many headaches and keep you from spiraling in the same fights & wasting a ton of time & energy

  • CHEMISTRY. Keep desire, mystery & your sex life thriving. (If this makes you nervous - don’t worry we only go into this as much as you want.)

  • ​CO-CREATE.  Create a dynamic where your time & energy is going into excelling together, not getting sucked into drama & conflict


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