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'I am a mindset + business coach who offers an 8 week program to spiritual women looking to create an online business.


I knew that incorporating breathwork into my program would be the perfect way to help my ladies uncover a deeper side of themselves.


I was absolutely blown away by Colleen's breathwork experience.

Not only, did she offer a breathwork style that is not intimidating for first timers, she inserted so much love and care into the creation.

She made it very personalized which complemented my program very nicely.

I, and all the ladies in my program truly felt held by Colleen.

She offered such a beautiful space for you to connect to a deeper part of you.


If you're looking to infuse a truly unique experience into any kind of program that you offer, Colleen is the woman to go to.

She communicates clearly, with love and awareness, you can tell that she does this work from her heart.

You'll walk away with a magical experience that will leave your clients immensely grateful.


11/10 I recommend Colleen.

She left me in such awe that I've  hired her two more times!

Work with Colleen, you definitely won't regret it. :)' 

Regina | Mindset & Business Coach