Hey you! Thanks for wanting to know more - I feel honored! So a little bit about me & my journey… 

CHAPTER 1: Me, Myself & I


Healing the relationship with myself basically boils down to one word: EMBRACE. 

I am full of contradictions and used to feel all over the place - trying to figure myself out, get rid of the ‘bad’ parts, trying to find the perfect version of myself…


I’m exhausted just thinking about it


But I learned to give up fight and radically accept & actually love all parts of myself -

Knowing I can feel it all, be it all -  and it is all real & beautiful. 


I gave myself permission to be & love me. 

To be wildly unique & wonderfully me. 


  • Be sweet & gentle AND sassy & sarcastic

  • Be a homebody AND love traveling the world 

  • Be determined & driven AND procrastinate & binge Netflix.

  • Be comforted by routine & stability AND be thrilled by change & newness

  • Love God AND not resonate with structured religious organizations

  • Be easy going, super chill AND a complete handful & hella dramatic 

  • Want to be seen AND want to be absolutely anonymous 

  • Want to live a simple life AND to be wildly extravagant 

  • Be the party animal AND the responsible one

  • Love studying neuroscience AND watch trashy reality tv

  • Love humanity AND be so over humans at times

  • Be the one who is so sure of herself AND the one that isn’t sure about anything 

  • Want the white picket fence 'American Dream' AND  feel absolutely suffocated by anything traditional

  • Take big leaps of faith AND be that scared little girl afraid of risk 

  • Be the social butterfly AND the one that lowers my gaze when I see someone out & I’m just not in the mood…

  • Both trust the unfolding of my life AND doubt if I’m on the ‘right’ path


Once I signed this permission slip for myself -

My freedom came. My joy increased. My self-love grew.

I realized I didn’t have to choose. None of it is wrong.

No one part of me is better than the other.

Everything has its time & place.

I wasn't broken. I didn't need fixing. I needed Embracing

Through embracing, I gained my wholeness, my power, my confidence, my purpose, my joy. 

CHAPTER 2: Hopeless Romantic toThriving in Love


Next came healing my relationship to men.

Well my journey started as a hopeless romantic wrapped in sarcasm so no one would ever detect the humiliating truth -

That I so naively believed in great love & so desperately longed for my own breath-taking, sweep you off your feet, corny rom-com moment. 

I was stumbling & unnecessarily struggling through love  - guarded, distrusting, awkward (and not the cute Zoey Deschanel awkward - like straight up awkward…), clueless, insecure, fearful of men yet idealistic (okay let’s be honest I was unrealistic), hyper sensitive, dramatic, desperate at times, frustratingly unsure of what I wanted…


Everything I knew about love & wanted from a man came from rom-coms & teen dramas. 

Talk about unrealistic expectations & disappointments waiting to happen. 


I chased after emotionally unavailable guys,  trying to prove my worth

I fell in love with ‘potential' over the reality of the situation.

Tried to fit myself into a box of what I thought men were looking for

Stayed in relationships too long, because well it was good enough…  

Got my heart broken many times, very irresponsibly broke hearts (which was possibly even worse, the guilt was unbearable) 

& I really lost myself & my way in the process. 


There were several periods where I would look around and I was the only single one in my friend groups

The part of me that believed that my worthiness was based on having a guy in my life (thanks crappy societal conditioning) wondered:

'What is wrong with me?'

After a particularly rough break up & somewhat quarter-life crisis, 

I decided I didn’t need a man. It’s the 21st century. I am an indedepent, self-sufficient lady so I bought a one-way ticket to Bangkok & began backpacking through Southeast Asia. 

This time, I was fixated on a different relationship - the one with myself.

I had my own self-discovery, ‘Eat, Pray, Love’, feminine awakening, healing journey.


Turns out - I didn’t need a man. I am pretty awesome

Also turns out I still wanted one…


BUT from a completely different place -

A place of FULLness (not thinking something was wrong if I didn’t have a guy)

A place of worthiness (not waiting for someone to confirm my worth)

A place of confidence (not letting the guy call all the shots)

A place of clarity (I finally knew & was ready to stand by what I wanted)

A place of authenticity (the real me was sooooo much better than a curated version I was trying to pass off)

No longer chasing after guys that couldn’t see that.

No more saying yes when really it was an ehhhhhh

No longer hiding my true self or feelings

No more playing it cool, always being chill & agreeable.

No more bending over backwards until I didn't recognize myself. 







BUT we also

  • Have created an atmosphere of non-judgement, full acceptance & trust 

  • Push ourselves to communicate courageously, authentically & vulnerably - even when it's uncomfortable, even when it might hurt, even when it seems insignificant - and boy does it pay off

  • Work through the inevitable conflicts as a team with perspective, kindness & usually humor

  • Celebrate, appreciation & uplift each other daily 



We are fully committed to each other & to our own individual growth.

Love shouldn’t require you to lose yourself.


We are continually learning & growing each day, individually & as a couple.

And it’s better than the love I was always dreaming of & chasing. 

And I guess what?

I found myself a man who I adore, he isn’t perfect, but hey, neither am I!

We drive each other crazy at times

We don’t always see eye to eye 

We know how to push each other’s buttons.... 


Currently we are living a life I once dreamed of in Bali, sharing work we are passionate about and enjoying the adventure that life is

CHAPTER 3: Spread the Word. 


This is where you come into my story! WELCOME- I am so happy to have you here! 

I’ve always know I wanted to live a life of service, helping others - didn’t know this would be the path - but what better way to help people — 

Than to empower & inspire them to love themselves fiercely & wholehearted. 

& the create the thriving love lives they desire & deserve.


Interested in working with me:

Single ladies - GO HERE.

Relationship Support  (individual or couple) - GO HERE.


  • Holistic Health Coach through Institute of Integrative Nutrition

  • Certified Yoga Teacher 

  • Breathwork Facilitator through Alchemy of Breath 

  • Divine Feminine/Sacred Sexuality/Conscious Relationship Studies through Sofia Sundari, Creator of Priestess School

  • Sex, Love & Relationship Coaching through Layla Martin, Creator of The Tantric Institute of Integrative Sexuality

    • Majoring In: Relationship Transformations & Conscious Dating 

  • Creating Safer Spaces: Trauma Awareness Course for Practitioners