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i'm Colleen + i am passionate about supporting women to RECLAIM + CELEBRATE the true beauty, power, pleasure, wisdom + sacredness of their bodies + their sexuality

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discover the beauty, wisdom, pleasure,

 power,  purpose + divinity

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Fragile Pampas


see yourself through fresh eyes, through the eyes of love

see your true beauty, power + worth.



Discover the amazing benefits of the exquisite practice of breast massage



a voice activation journey to unleash all the power, wisdom + magic within you

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We are not meant to do big things alone.

Get the support you deserve.

I offer a range of packages to support women in healing, transforming + elevating their relationship to themselves, their bodies, their sexuality, their spirituality + others.

the intention of these packaged is to partner with you in a loving, compassionate & supportive way to create a conscious container for transformation that results in greater self-love, integration, self-realization & alignment with your deepest desires & highest truth 

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My sacred work is to support women to RECLAIM & CELEBRATE the beauty, power, pleasure, wisdom & sacredness of their bodies & sexuality - for a more FULFILLING life.


As a certified sexuality, love & relationship coach, breathwork facilitator, yoga teacher & speaker, I love to weave together coaching, counseling, embodiment practices for deep, immersive experiences & transformation in your spirituality, sexuality, relationships.

I view relationships through a more spiritual lens exploring how to elevate them + make them a sacred space for our truest expression, deepest love + enjoyment. 


I look at spirituality through a relationship lens - desiring to make our relationship to the Divine a living, breathing + embodied relationship in our lives.


And I see sexuality as the golden thread that connects us intimately to ourselves, others + the Divine.


I grew up in the States, took to traveling the world in my mid-twenties and currently call Bali home.

I am a Scorpio Sun, Taurus Moon & Libra Rising (if that kind of thing lights you up) I am constantly shedding, evolving + transforming in classic scorpio fashion. I love to swim in the deep end of life + am adept at handling all the waves of emotions that come with that. My taurus moon keeps me fiercely loyal, dependable + reminds her to slowwwwww down and savor this exquisite life. And I live my life devoted to love, relationships + harmony like a true Libra Rising.


I welcome & support people who have different walks of faith than me. I am open about my journey, but I don’t push my beliefs on anyone. I don’t expect people’s paths to the Divine to all look the same. What’s important to me is that people are on that path.

I want to thank Colleen for creating such a beautifully safe space for me to show up & be vulnerable - not something I naturally feel comfortable doing. I immediately felt at ease, heard & supported

I painted a messy story for Colleen to unpick but her natural ability to get to the core of what was going on & offer powerful ways to create change blew me away.

Colleen is a gifted coach & beautiful soul. I can't thank her enough for providing me with a refreshing new perspective for life.


If you know traditional therapy won't work for you & crave a more spiritual approach you must try a session with Colleen. I often refer to her as my spiritual life coach.


She is wise & tender & also hilarious.

 What more could you ask for?"

Got a question, some curiosity, need support?

Let's get on a FREE Curiosity Call + connect. 

I was first introduced to Colleen through some incredibly transformative breathwork sessions  which led to private coaching 


Which has turned my life around on such a deep level.


I applied her suggestions, which resonated so well with me, & was amazed at the quick results.

I have witnessed huge shifts & found a new sense of calm & empowerment as a result.


During my first session with Colleen I realized how I don’t have to prove myself to be worthy of somebody’s love, that I am inherently worthy of love, just by existing.


I realized how people’s inability to show love in the past wasn’t my fault.

After working with Colleen,  I saw how it’s okay to let new people in. I began to trust my intuition more, and really believe in my own worthiness. 


Colleen taught me different ways to connect with myself & to navigate what comes up with grace & lots of self love.


I experienced a hefty breakthrough in regards to my inner dialogue and where it stemmed from and how it was hindering me from truly being myself. For that fact alone I will be forever grateful.


I highly recommend Colleen to anyone that is on a journey to fully loving themselves & stepping into their authenticity.


We are at a time in civilization where I believe this work is required of us.

How lucky we are to have people like Colleen to guide us along.