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Embodied Spirituality

Sacred Sexuality

+ Conscious Relationships


Are you desiring MORE in life - more out of your work, more out of your relationships, more in your sex life?

Do you feel like you are just existing, going through the motions, standing still in any of these areas? 

Do you want to feel more passionate, more fulfilled, like you are fully living your life + taking advantage of what life has to offer?

One of the BIGGEST reasons for dissatisfaction, endless chasing is because loss of sacredness we face in this world.

I desire to restore that respect & awe for ourselves, our bodies, each other + all lives, our planet & remembering that this life is a gift - a sacred gift. 



A FREE 9 session series

  • 3 Embodied Spirituality sessions to connect with the Divine in new ways

  • 3 Sacred Sexuality sessions with tips + tools to enhance + elevate your sexual experiences 

  • 3 Conscious Relationship sessions to deepen your connection, enhance your communication + connect in new ways

If you want to feel worthy, confident, empowered, LIT UP & as though you are living life on purpose & in purpose…

Spend time with the One that loving & intentionally created you. 


If you desire exquisite, mind-blowing, time-bending, connective & deeply satisfying sexual experiences

Merge your sexuality with your spirituality. 


If you long for relationships that feel like sacred spaces for you to be your truest self, let your guards down, be seen, open your heart & be deeply nourished...

  You are craving Spirit-centered relationships.



Underneath all our longings, all our desires - is the core desire for UNION. 


Our core wound as humans is the wound of separation.

Living disconnected from ourselves, repressing our emotions, uncomfortable in our own skin, doubting our intuition, not understanding our worth, value + purpose


Separate from each other - desiring deep connections, but also fearing them, sabotaging them, running from them, not knowing how to maintain them. 

And ultimately, the separation from the Spirit. There is a desire planted deep in our hearts to feel close to our loving Creator. 


But we can bridge that separation. 

We can come home to ourselves, our bodies, our sexuality, our innate worth + purpose.

We can create deeply satisfying + heart-expanding relationships. 

We can merge with the Divine.



If you are ready - I want to support you in find your expression of the Divine. Whether that’s through a book, a podcast, music, a business, a relationship, motherhood, service or just by living an intentional & heartfelt life - It’s all important. It matters. YOU MATTER. 


For TOO LONG women’s role in the spiritual world has been diminished, squashed, looked over, discounted & discredited and I believe that has led to so much of the pain & suffering we see in our world. Women have powerful spiritual gifts, talents & are made to love, serve, heal, guide, create & enrich the world with this divine part of them.

I believe there is a collective calling to restore this intrinsic aspect of our being for ourselves & for the world.




We are all crafted in the Imago Dei - image of God. We all have a purpose, a song to sing, a story to tell, love to give, a right & privilege to bring divinity & restore sacredness to this world. 

Work with Me






A range of packages to support women who are ready to  awaken + explore the epic potential of their spirituality, sexuality, and/or relationships.




Weekly breathworks sessions, periodic classes, workshops, events + trainings. 



Do you host events, fundraisers, programs, trainings, a podcast? I craft unique & memorable breathwork sessions, workshops & would love to join forces


My sacred work is to support women who desire to live a more inspired, aligned & spiritual life to discover their divinity within their own bodies & infusing that sacred energy into all areas of their lives...


As a certified sexuality, love & relationship coach, breathwork facilitator, yoga teacher & speaker, I love to weave together coaching, counseling, embodiment practices for deep, immersive experiences & transformation in your spirituality, sexuality, relationships.

I view relationships through a more spiritual lens exploring how to elevate them + make them a sacred space for our truest expression, deepest love + enjoyment. 


I look at spirituality through a relationship lens - desiring to make our relationship to the Divine a living, breathing + embodied relationship in our lives.


And I see sexuality as the golden thread that connects us intimately to ourselves, others + the Divine.


I grew up in the States, took to traveling the world in my mid-twenties and currently call Bali home.

I am a Scorpio Sun, Taurus Moon & Libra Rising (if that kind of thing lights you up) I am constantly shedding, evolving + transforming in classic scorpio fashion. I love to swim in the deep end of life + am adept at handling all the waves of emotions that come with that. My taurus moon keeps me fiercely loyal, dependable + reminds her to slowwwwww down and savor this exquisite life. And I live my life devoted to love, relationships + harmony like a true Libra Rising.


I welcome & support people who have different walks of faith than me. I am open about my journey, but I don’t push my beliefs on anyone. I don’t expect people’s paths to the Divine to all look the same. What’s important to me is that people are on that path.

Hey, Colleen here...

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I want to thank Colleen for creating such a beautifully safe space for me to show up & be vulnerable - not something I naturally feel comfortable doing. I immediately felt at ease, heard & supported

I painted a messy story for Colleen to unpick but her natural ability to get to the core of what was going on & offer powerful ways to create change blew me away.

Colleen is a gifted coach & beautiful soul. I can't thank her enough for providing me with a refreshing new perspective for life.


If you know traditional therapy won't work for you & crave a more spiritual approach you must try a session with Colleen. I often refer to her as my spiritual life coach.


She is wise & tender & also hilarious.

 What more could you ask for?"


Got a question, some curiosity, need support?

Let's get on a FREE Curiosity Call + connect. 

I was first introduced to Colleen through some incredibly transformative breathwork sessions  which led to private coaching 


Which has turned my life around on such a deep level.


I applied her suggestions, which resonated so well with me, & was amazed at the quick results.

I have witnessed huge shifts & found a new sense of calm & empowerment as a result.


During my first session with Colleen I realized how I don’t have to prove myself to be worthy of somebody’s love, that I am inherently worthy of love, just by existing.


I realized how people’s inability to show love in the past wasn’t my fault.

After working with Colleen,  I saw how it’s okay to let new people in. I began to trust my intuition more, and really believe in my own worthiness. 


Colleen taught me different ways to connect with myself & to navigate what comes up with grace & lots of self love.


I experienced a hefty breakthrough in regards to my inner dialogue and where it stemmed from and how it was hindering me from truly being myself. For that fact alone I will be forever grateful.


I highly recommend Colleen to anyone that is on a journey to fully loving themselves & stepping into their authenticity.


We are at a time in civilization where I believe this work is required of us.

How lucky we are to have people like Colleen to guide us along.